Pandora’s Box and Privileges or Immunities Featured on Volokh, Cites “Shapiro/Blackman/Sandefur theory”

December 21st, 2009

Dave Kopel just wrote a post on Volokh titled, Privileges or Immunities Extravaganza

Dave features several of the leading articles on Privileges or Immunities in the lead-up to McDonald v. Chicago, including my article, Opening Pandora’s Box? Privileges or Immunities, The Constitution in 2020, and Properly Incorporating the Second Amendment, as well as the arguments of Ken Klukowski and the ACRU.

My favorite sentence from the post:

In McDonald v. Chicago, the brief of the American Civil Rights Union presents the Klukowski approach, while the joint brief of Cato and the Pacific Legal Foundation presents the Shapiro/Blackman/Sandefur theory. (All McDonald briefs can be read here.)

That is one fine Libertarian sandwich I’m in 🙂