Enough with the status messages about the snow and global warming. What would you say if we had a freak winter heat wave?

December 19th, 2009

I wish all of my friends in Washington and elsewhere in the Northeast a nice, safe weekend. But please, please, stop saying things like “Oh, D.C. is expected to get 16 inches of Global Warming this weekend.”

Yes, I know it is cold and there is a lot of snow this weekend. But extrapolating a single weekend, or even a single Winter, to attack global warming falls into the same trap the scientists who espouse global warming exploit.

The earth is billions of years old. To use a single snow storm as evidence of any climate change is preposterous. Similarly, to only look at weather over the past 300 years, as the IPCC did (they started in the late 18th Century during at abnormally cold period) also doesn’t cut it.

Look over the long term. Not the short term.

I remember a few summers ago, there was a freak heat wave in France, and many on the left were up in arms that this was evidence of global warming. At the time, I said, a single isolated incidence of extreme temperatures, in either direction, is evidence of absolutely nothing.

By making such a big deal out of a single snow storm, you enable the AlGore Acolytes to make the same big deal this Summer when it will be extremely hot.


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