Volokh Stranded At Podium Without Pocket Constitution. The Constitution is like Amex. Never leave home without it.

December 9th, 2009

Professors Volokh and Barnett gave a fantastic discussion at the Heritage Foundation on the Constitutionality of the Health Care Mandate. But, during one very awkward moment, Professor Volokh wanted to cite to the text of the Commerce Clause. But, *gasp*, he did not have a Constitution with him. Turn to 40:15.

Professor Volokh wanted to cite the text of the Commerce Clause, but he remarks that he should have brought a Heritage Constitution, and he has one in his office. He steps off camera, and someone hands him a classic leather bound Cato Constitution. Oh, poor Heritage. You can’t be a textualist without the text. 🙂

The Constitution is like many things. But, it is like American Express. Never leave home without it. I usually leave two in every suit jacket. Frequently, when I bring suits to the Cleaners I have to remember to empty the pockets, lest our great charter be defiled by noxious cleansing chemicals. For further proof of my obsession with the Constitution, see my humble collection of autographed Constitutions.