Man Advertises His Lame Band By Playing Guitar In Front of Google Street View Cameras

December 4th, 2009

A lot of people try to avoid being filmed by the Google Street View Camera. Not this dude.

Nate Heagy took advantage of Omniveillance to promote his band, Fear Salesman. Check it out in street view.

Last spring, . . . I hatched a plan to promote my indie band. After making a sign and keeping it in the trunk of my car for about a month I finally chanced across the google street view car. Then I had to follow it until I figured out its pattern, then get ahead of it with time to set up.

Unfortunately, he is filmed in some isolated area of Canada, so I don’t know how effective this will be. In an earlier draft of my Omniveillance article, I wrote that at some point in the future, people will be proud of their appearances on Street View, and use it as a way to promote their web 2.0 popularity. Guess I was right.

H/T TechCrunch.