Sotomayor Interrupts Ginsburg, Ginsburg Asserts Herself, Sotomayor Apologizes; John Madden Commentary @SCOTUS?

December 2nd, 2009

At oral arguments yesterday, according to (H/T ABA Journal), the Justices engaged in a “somewhat tense moment.”

At one point in the arguments, Sotomayor jumped in as a lawyer began his second sentence in response to a question from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Counsel, may I interrupt for just one moment, because I–there is something needling at me that I do need an answer to,” Sotomayor said.

The story says Justice Stephen G. Breyer then turned to Sotomayor as if to intervene, but Ginsburg didn’t need the help.

“And I’d like him to answer the question that I asked him first,” Ginsburg said.

“I’m sorry,” Sotomayor replied. The story says she looked “slightly chagrined.”

I realize the headline of this post reads a bit like a Play by Play, but this may be a testament to my cross-obsession of the Supreme Court and Football. But, wouldn’t it be cool if John Madden provided Color Commentary for Oral Arguments?

  • “And Breyer breaks loose from the SG, and has 50 words left to go in a 100 word hypo. 40-30-20-10. He could-go-all-the-way! HYPO!”
  • “Roberts throws a bullet . . .  Intercepted by Clement! Clement is running up field and will score unless Roberts tackles him . . . and Roberts misses. Touchdown Clement!” (see this story to illustrate this play-by-play)
  • “What is wrong with Thomas? You snooze, you lose.”