Posner and Easterbrook to take the stand in trial of New Jersey shock jock Harold (Hal) Turner

November 30th, 2009

From the NY Daily News, H/T @ACSLaw:

A New Jersey-based shock jock is charged with threatening to kill the appellate judges after they upheld a ban on handguns. Prosecutors argue that right-wing loudmouth Harold (Hal) Turner crossed a line when he ranted on his blog that spilling the judges’ blood “will replenish the tree of liberty.” Turner of Oakland, N.J., also posted photos of the judges and the courthouse where they work on his Web site.

This is a very serious matter. But of special note to law nerds is that Judges Posner and Easterbrook will take the stand. A curious reversal of roles for these luminaries of the Seventh Circuit. I would love to be in the audience during those cross examinations. I pity the federal public defender who tries to trip up Judge Easterbrook.