Where are the opinions for OT09? Predict now!

November 25th, 2009

At Volokh, Professor Elwood queries why the Supreme Court has not handed down any opinions yet. Historically, opinions have been issued by Thanksgiving. Professor Elwood predicts that “things should get clearer  next week.”

I am eagerly awaiting the first opinion of the term, especially Citizens United (Hillary Movie Case). Check out the 10th Justice’s Predictions for that case. If you haven’t predicted Citizens United, or other argued cases, do so soon. Once the case is decided, obviously, you can no longer predict that case, and you lose out on points!

For those of you interested, here is the breakdown of hand-down dates over the last two decades:

OT08 11/12 Roberts
OT07 12/4 Roberts
OT06 11/13 Kennedy (Ayers v. Belmontes)
OT05 11/8 Stevens, Breyer
OT04 11/9 Rehnquist, O’Connor
OT03 11/12 Scalia
OT02 11/5 Rehnquist, O’Connor
OT01 11/13 O’Connor, Ginsburg
OT00 11/7 Scalia, Ginsburg
OT99 11/30 Breyer
OT98 11/3 O’Connor
OT97 11/4 O’Connor, Ginsburg
OT96 11/6 O’Connor
OT95 10/31 Scalia, Kennedy
OT94 11/1 O’Connor
OT93 11/9 O’Connor (two opinions)
OT92 11/16 Stevens
OT91 11/5 O’Connor
OT90 11/6 O’Connor
OT89 11/7 Marshall; O’Connor