JoshCast: Ilya Shapiro v. Ilya Somin. Who gets to keep the name?

November 24th, 2009

For those of you in the D.C. Libertarian community, you will know that there are two Ilyas.

Ilya Shapiro, a Senior Fellow of Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute, and Ilya Somin, a Professor at George Mason School of Law. Both are Libertarians. Both are Russian. Both have the same last initial. They often get confused. But they are nothing alike.

To resolve this name-game between these two brains, I proposed a trivia battle. Both parties agreed. I provided each party with a copy of Judge Danny Boggs’s (Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit) Trivia Questionnaire . For those unfamiliar with Judge Boggs’s Trivia Questionnaire, check out this story from Underneath Their Robes.

I graded the quizzes, and in this JoshCast, I announce the results with both parties on the line. Take a listen. Hilarity ensues.

But, before you listen, a quick poll: Who do you think won?

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Here is the JoshCast:

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I commend you listen to the JoshCast in its entirety, but if you must, fast forward to 8:30 to hear the winner, or click here for the answer.

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I am considering making these trivia battles a weekly program. If you are interested in strutting your stuff, and showing your skills, contact me 🙂