If Jefferson Wrote the Declaration of Independence in Google Wave.

November 24th, 2009

This is Hilarious! Check out We Hold These Truths To Be Awesome: The Founding Fathers Give Google Wave A Try at Tech Crunch (H/T Gizmodo)

Google Wave is a program that Google users can use to collaborate on creating stuff. If you have a Google Wave account, click this link and play it through.

But here are some cool screen captures.

In the initial wave, Thomas Jefferson thinks the truths are awesome. John Adams thinks they are self-evident. So TJ invites Sam Adams into the fray.

Later, when listing the grievances against the King, Jefferson lists that he is a jerk, but John Adams crosses that out, and adds some really heinous deeds.

And perhaps the coolest part is the voting. TJ asks, who’s in?

And of course, John (not Herbie) Hancock votes yes, and like any good commenter on a thread, writes FIRST! (not firsty).

Sadly, King George III voted no, but plenty of votes for yes. Colonies FTW!