I am cited in Amicus Brief of Cato Institute and Pacific Legal to Supreme Court in McDonald v. Chicago

November 23rd, 2009

Just filed this morning, check out the Brief Amicus Curiae of Cato Institute and Pacific Legal Foundation in Support of Petitioners.

Cato and PLF cited Opening Pandora’s Box? Privileges or Immunities, The Constitution in 2020, and Properly Incorporating the Second Amendment, forthcoming in the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy.

I’ll blog a bit about the substance of the brief later, including a JoshCast with Tim Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation, but I am still really pumped that my name made it into a Supreme Court brief!

Check out the table of authorities on p. vii. Ilya and I are sandwiched between Akhil Amar and Richard Aynes, and Robert Bork and Slaughterhouse.


And here is the actual citation on p. 23.


We were also directly quoted without attribution in footnote 7. It’s OK. I know how quickly these briefs are rushed off the printer. Oh well.


Justice Thomas, I hope you enjoy these footnotes. 🙂