Shocking Video: Woman falls onto tracks, and train stops short within inches. Would you have helped?

November 10th, 2009

Take a look at this shocking video. A woman, likely inebriated, collapsed on a subway platform in Boston and tumbled onto the tracks, as an oncoming train was rushing towards her. Thankfully, the train operator had quick senses, and stopped short.

Check out the video, and try to answer this question. If you were standing where the bystanders were standing, would you have attempted to jump onto the tracks and try to rush the woman to safety? According to the time stamp, 20 seconds elapsed from when the first bystander saw her on the tracks, and when the train stopped short. Is this enough time to jump onto the tracks, throw her onto the platform, and jump back onto the platform?  But how would one know if the train would stop.

Further, before she fell, she was stumbling around for about 10 seconds. The platform was very crowded. Perhaps someone could have helped her before she fell off?


Can one even make these determinations in a split second? I don’t know. I just wonder what I would have done in that situation.