The Real Victims of the Current Crisis Are The Executives. Who is John Galt?

October 23rd, 2009

This Funny or Die video has been floating around Facebook. In the video, Will Ferrel and a bunch of other actors and comedians, through satire, convey that the real victims of the health care crisis are the health care executives. Some of my favorite quotes (roughly transcribed):

“We need to remember who the real victims are. Health insurance executives. People are saying a lot of mean things about health insurance executives, and it needs to stop.”

“These great business men are American heroes. Why is Obama trying to reform health care when Insurance Companies are doing just fine.”

I know they are being sarcastic, but I feel bad for executives. These are the giants upon whose shoulders society stands. They should be praised, not vilified. Go ahead. Call me heartless. Who is John Galt?