Federalist Society National Lawyer's Convention Schedule Updated, Justice O'Connor no longer speaking

October 14th, 2009

To Conservative and Libertarian Lawyers, attendance at the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention is the equivalent of the Hajj. I have attended every year since 2006, and this is, without a doubt, my favorite event of the year. And there is a very good chance I will be liveblogging the conference this year. Stay tuned.

The Federalist Society just posted an updated schedule.

But the biggest change, is that Justice O’Connor is no longer speaking. In previous announcements, the Federalist Society advertised that Justice O’Connor would be speaking on Thursday at 11:15-12:00 noon in the Grand Ballroom. But in her place,  is now a conspicuous block labeled TBA.

Compare the updated page with the Google Cached version. Federalist Society replaced Justice O’Connor’s picture with a picture of Marc Levin.

This is curious, because last year Justice Scalia was slated to debate Judge Posner. That would have been a lively discussion, in light of Judge Posner ripping Scalia regarding Heller. Scalia dropped out shortly before the debate, and the mavens at the Federalist Society deftly slotted in then Judge McConnell. I heard from a source in the know that there was a reason Scalia dropped out, but I could not get the reason out of him. Some things the world may never know.

So what happened to SOC? Or is it SDO?

The Federalist Society added Mark Levin, talk radio host and author of Liberty and Tyranny. I have been listening to Levin for close to 7 years since he was on Sunday mornings on WABC in New York City. He is a friend of liberty.

This should be an awesome conference, and I highly encourage everyone to attend.