Know what really grinds my gears? F*ck FML. I prefer LML.

October 13th, 2009

The FML meme really grinds my gears. FML, of course, stands for F*ck my life. And whenever people experience some setback, they proclaim, FML, as if it were some aphorism to cleanse the soul

I see it littered throughout Web 2.0.

I missed my flight. FML.
I’m so busy. FML.
My teacher assigned too much reading. FML.
My car broke down. FML.
I have so little self confidence and am so insecure that I have to rant and complain on facebook about my life, which is mostly positive, but has minor setbacks. FML.

Of course, you will never see the last FML. But that is what is implicit in this meme. People are fortunate enough to possess computers with high speed Internet access (and facebook for blackberries or iphones), and have enough free time to not only access the Internet, but complain about it online. Are lives really that f*cked?

I’m an eternal optimist. Sure bad things happen to me. But on the whole, I am happy, healthy, and optimistic for my future. I fear this constant kvetching about f*cking one’s own life desensitizes us as a society. When something good happens it, society barely notices. When something marginally bad happens, people whip out the FML meme. And when something really bad happens, people won’t know what to do.

Stop complaining! Seriously. Stop complaining. Don’t f*ck your life. Love your Life. Or as I say, LML. Love my Life.

Anyway, FML really grinds my gears.