Pic: Smell of Smoke Smell of Liberty

October 11th, 2009

I have previously blogged how I love smoking sections even though I don’t smoke, and to me the smell of smoke is the smell of liberty. I also love seeing bikers in PA without helmets. Some puffy comments wafted in (pun intended), but I hold fast in my beliefs.

So I was having breakfast this morning with one of my former Summer Associates this morning in Arlington, and I saw a sign that made me happy. Soon they’ll have to take down this sign at the Cosi in Courthouse Arlington, Virginia. But I’m proud to patronize an establishment that offers its customers the option to smoke. And the market works beautifully. They limit smoking until after 5 PM. The proprietor made a determination that his clientele would appreciate the option to smoke in a certain section at a certain time, with minimal interference to other customers. Not all Cosi’s (a chain in Virginia) offer this option, but that is the beauty of the market. Well done Cosi in Courthouse!