Video: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. at University of Michigan

October 9th, 2009

In addition to CSPAN’s coverage of the Supreme Court, feed your Article III addiction, with this recent interview of the Chief at Michigan Law (H/T How Appealing). Here the Chief answer such questions as:

13:28 – Was there a “big surprise” when you began your job as Chief Justice?

17:04 – What experiences or habits of mind would make for a good Supreme Court Justice?

20:30 – Is there a role for empathy in appellate decision making, particularly on the Supreme Court?

25:10 – Have there been any “oh my gosh” moments when you realized you had a really big case on your hands? How did that affect your decision-making?

30:59 – How can a Chief Justice encourage more of a consensus on the Court?

33:58 – Would we be better off with a court that agrees about how to look at a case, or are we better off with a court whose justices use a diverse array of interpretive methods and techniques?

37:00 – Is this a good time to be Chief Justice? If you could pick any era in which to be Chief Justice, what era would you choose and why?

41:25 – How much has your documented lack of basketball skill damaged your credibility with your fellow Justices?