The Lost Volokh Conspirators. Who are all of these people?

October 7th, 2009

As an avid follower of the Volokh Conspiracy, I have become a huge fan of some of the bloggers. But I have no clue who some of these other bloggers are, largely due to the fact that they seldom blog.

Thus, I have dubbed the following the Lost Volokh Conspirators:

Astute followers of the Volokh Conspiracy will recall there used to be a blogger named Kevan Choset, the so-called Puzzle Blogger. His last post was in 2006, and sometime within the last year, Volokh removed his name from the list of Bloggers. I’m not sure exactly when, as this removal was done with no fan-fare.

So there is some kid of minimum standard of performance in order to remain on the rolls.

So, Volokh Conspiracy, what’s the deal?