Start of the October 2009 SCOTUS Term. JoshBlogs is SCOTUS Themed Today.

October 5th, 2009

To Supreme Court Junkies, the first Monday in October is equivalent to Opening Day in baseball. And this is an even more exciting opening day, because it is Justice Sotomayor’s first official day on the job (asides from that rare early Hillary Movie oral argument). So all posts today will be SCOTUS related in one form or another, with a focus on the Nine’s newest member. I will return to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow (and I have a few good posts in the works).

Today the Court will hear:

  1. South Carolina v. North Carolina (138 Original) — participation of non-parties in Original cases
  2. Maryland v. Shatzer (08-680) — limits on police questioning after a suspect asks for a lawyer
  3. Mohawk Industries, Inc. v. Carpenter (08-678)) — right to appeal compelled disclosure of attorney-client communications

h/t ScotusWiki

What better way to kick off a term than an original jurisdiction case?

The George Mason Federalist Society will be sitting in on Mohawk v. Carpenter, so say Hi if you see them at the Marble Palace!

Update: Per BLT, the first argument will be rescheduled.