Reflections on Live Blogging. Great Success!

October 4th, 2009

I just liveblogged my first conference and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to a link from Volokh, I received over 1,000 hits during the weekend, which is pretty cool.

One of the Yale Professors sitting behind me complemented my ability to type so quickly and still comprehend the conference. I suppose three years of law school multitasking have prepared me for paying attention to professors, vociferously typing, surfing the web, and adding commentary. Only thing I added was taking pictures, which was pretty cool. A special treat was that Yale’s ISP provides, so I was able to watch Penn State route Illinois yesterday while I was liveblogging. Yet another not unwelcome, defeat for Chicago this week! Let’s hope bad things come in three for Chicago with respect to McDonald v. Chicago.

I will be attending the Federalist Society National Lawyers convention in November. I certainly will be there with my laptop. Unfortunately the Mayflower Hotel charges for Wi-Fi, but I will gladly pay to help spread the gospel.