I will be applying to the AALS hiring market this summer, and I am seeking a tenure-track position for the 2012-13 academic school year. On this page I will assemble all of the information for my AALS application.

My C.V. is available here. My FAR form is available here.


George Mason University School of Law

J.D. Magna Cum Laude, May 2009

The Pennsylvania State University

B.S. High Distinction (Magna Cum Laude) in Information Sciences & Technology, December 2005


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  12. Omniveillance, Google, Privacy in Public, and the Right to Your Digital Identity: A Tort for Recording and Disseminating an Individual’s Image Over the Internet, 49 Santa Clara Law Review 313 (2009). SSRN

Works In Progress

Teaching Experience

Pennsylvania State University School of Law (2010–2011)

  • Federal Courts seminar taught twice (student evaluations available upon request).
  • Mentored students in development of seminar papers that fulfilled upper-level writing requirement.

Employment Experience


  • Judge Danny J. Boggs, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (2011-2012)
    Law Clerk
  • Judge Kim R. Gibson, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (2009-2011)
    Law Clerk
  • Department of Defense, DISA Office of the General Counsel (2008-2009)
    Law Clerk
  • Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, Washington, D.C. (2008)
    Summer Associate
  • Department of Defense, DISA Global Information Grid Network Support (2006-2007)
    Computer Scientist

Activities and Service


The Harlan Institute (www.HarlanInstitute.org)

  • Co-Founder & President of a Washington, D.C. based 501(c)(3), dedicated to educating high school students about the rule of law and the Supreme Court through social media and interactive games.
  • Organized, coordinated, and developed Supreme Court Fantasy League (FantasySCOTUS.org) for high school students to learn about the Constitution, in which over 1,000 students participate.
  • Collaborated with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and her iCivics.org organization.

FantasySCOTUS.net (Created the Internet’s First Supreme Court Fantasy League)

  • Over 10,000 members make predictions for pending Supreme Court cases.
  • Generates prediction market that accurately forecasts 75% of Supreme Court cases.
  • Empirical data to be published in the Columbia Science & Technology Law Review.
  • Featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The ABA Journal, and on CNN.com.

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