Jan 30, 2011

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Egyptians creating local armed militias

CNN reports here.

Until recently, Seif Awad worked a day job as an account manager for Cisco.

But since Saturday he has begun volunteering at nights, protecting his neighborhood with a volunteer defense squad of young male neighbors armed with makeshift weapons. Last night he armed himself with a big stick. On Sunday, Awad bought gasoline canisters and started making Molotov cocktails.

“If anyone comes on the street we’re going to throw those at them,” Awad said. “And I have a friend here who has a gun.”

Real estate broker Karim Amer armed himself with a kitchen knife Saturday night and joined his own hastily formed neighborhood militia.

“People are much more organized today,” Amer said. “We’ve got people with whistles now. Different neighborhood corners have agreed to different whistles to signal for help.”

I wonder what Egyptian gun control laws look like?

Update: Thanks for the link Instapundit!

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  • Durn! I was going to try and point this out…

    An interesting corollary with the first amendment ‘peaceful gathering’ you had mentioned earlier. Greater ability to gather in large number ==> greater need for citizens to be able to guard themselves against the excesses of the mob. “Second amendment solutions” don’t just have to be against the government…also may be needed against fellow citizens. Just ask your average free black in the post-civil war days. Anyhoo, good work on picking that up! : )

    • Josh Blackman

      Very good point.

  • Just try this in the U.S. — or even seriously suggest it — and see if you don’t end up on a DHS “watch” list.

  • I certainly hope I’m on the “list”. Every American is suspect according to that fat broad Napolitano.

    Molon Labe.

  • WE have this now. How do you think it was that during the domestic disturbances of the 1960’s and 70’s there was never an instance, not one, of the disorders spilling over into regular Americans’ communities?

  • I second LouGots.

    If my neighbors and I decided that the risk of lootinh was too high and formed a merry band of arms-bearing citizens to guard our neighborhood….I really see it as a non-issue.

    I already have what Clinton would classify as an “armory” in a safe in my closet, and my state (Idaho) specifically authorizes me to carry un-concealed arms in the open. If my neighbors and I exercised that right I really don’t think it would be a blip on the radar screen. But, who knows…hopefully we’ll never have to find out!

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  • Thought about how this would work for my neighborhood in a Dallas suburb. What would be needed would be roadblocks at the 6 streets entering the subdivision. A band of neighbors protecting our own neighborhood would have legitimacy to keep looters from outside from entering. Show ID with an address in the subdivision and you can enter. Defensive neighborhood patrols would free up police to patrol the major streets.

  • Witness the Rodney King riots vs. Korean shopkeepers for a more modern American example.