Koppelman at Balkinzation, as I predicted, calles for elimination of filibuster rule

January 22nd, 2010

Yawn. On Tuesday, in the wake of Scott Brown’s victory, I predicted that the Left, and specifically some blogger at Balkinzation would call for the elimination of the filibuster rule in the Senate.

I am expecting a post on Balkinzation about this any moment now.

Tonight, Andrew Koppelman at Balkinzation did just that.

But none of that matters if the Republicans, who are determined to let him accomplish nothing, have a veto over any legislation via the filibuster. He can fight all he likes, but he will lose, and he’ll keep losing for the rest of his Presidency.

It’s time for him to demand of Democratic Senators that they abolish the Senate filibuster. If he can get 50 of them to agree, then the game will change fundamentally. In a world in which the Senate can act with a simple majority of votes – and remember, that’s the way America was governed for most of its history – the Democrats will have firm control over both houses of Congress, and will be able to pass health care, and address global warming and financial reform as well. Obama will be one of the transformative presidents.

This debate is not going anywhere anytime soon. Stay tuned.