“The company is called Faced.me, and its upcoming app aims to recognize faces and then connect those faces to users’ social networking profiles, allowing you to friend and follow the people you see.”

November 23rd, 2011


According to the company’s investor pitch, the Faced.me app uses proprietary technology to recognize a person’s face in less than 1 second by identifying different facial points. It then matches those faces to the social networking accounts for that user, allowing you to friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. Patents on the tech have been filed both locally and internationally through the PCT.

For now, the company can only identify the faces of other registered Faced.me users, who are required to provide a photo or video upon signup. But Vanossi says the technology itself is already scalable enough to crawl the photos tagged on Facebook, it just needs additional investment to afford doing so.

What could possibly go wrong? Take a picture of people in public, figure who they are based on their face, and tap into their social networking profile?