“Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki, the show’s orange-hued, diminutive mascot, trotted in, wearing microscopic shorts and white furry boots that made her look like a little cave woman.”

August 2nd, 2011

Awesomeness, from the New York Times. Season 4 Premieres on Thursday!

But “Jersey Shore” still features behavior that would be culturally taboo here, like messy houses or women burping in public. By the last day of filming the Florence rental was scattered with cigarette butts, empty wine and water bottles, dirty socks and used towels.

For its part the cast found Italy a difficult adjustment, with its slower pace and general disdain for customer service. “Tanning, nails, everything is different here,” Jenni Farley, a k a JWoww, a former art student, said at the hotel. “You need to make an appointment two weeks in advance, then it’d be the four girls walking into a salon, and they’d have just one nail technician.” In New Jersey, she added, there would be many more.

After past seasons spent in New Jersey and Miami, Florence posed other challenges. “The best thing about this season was seeing these girls in their six-inch leopard stiletto heels walking down the cobblestone streets,” said Sally Ann Salsano, the show’s producer, as she sat in a control room built in the apartment for filming. “This should be an Olympic event.”

As overall den mother Ms. Salsano also tried to keep her charges from getting homesick by importing delicacies difficult to find in the gourmet bastion of Florence, like Pringles and Crystal Light.

Plus the cast members learned some Italian:

This took some work. “I’ve learned phrases and ways to speak to women,” the Situation added as he peered mischievously at a reporter over his Ray-Ban sunglasses. “Sei dolce, you are sweet; sei carina, you are cute, sei bella, you are beautiful, andiamo a la casa, let’s go to the house.”

“I was actually able to bring home a number of girls,” he added. He stopped to think for a moment. “Well, I think two. But no English, no English,” meaning that his conquests didn’t speak his language.

Plus predictions from NY Mag.