Reflections on One Month of JoshBlogs: 187 Posts, 207 Comments, and 34,000 Hits Later, I’m Bloggled!

October 28th, 2009

I launched this blog to little fanfare on September 28, 2009. 1 month later, I’m bloggled (my dad made up that word. Bloggled is defined as a blog boggling your mind).

I’ve been linked to by Instapundit twice (here and here), by the Volokh Conspiracy twice (here and here), and Above The Law thrice (here and here and here).

I feel blessed that people have enjoyed my blog enough to read it, link to it, and comment on it.

I promise that I will keep up the blogging, and hopefully my next month anniversary will be even more successful.

And while Galt’s Gulch remains elusive, I consider this blog my personal virtual Galt’s Gulch. Who is John Galt?