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Defense Distributed v. Grewal

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  1. Cody Wilson, Who Posted Gun Instructions Online, Sues State Department, The New York Times (5/6/15)
  2. 3-D Printed Gun Lawsuit Starts the War Between Arms Control and Free Speech, Wired (5/6/15)
  3. Designer of 3-D-printed gun challenges feds to Constitutional duel, Fox News (5/6/15)
  4. First and Second Amendment challenge to government restrictions on posting plans for 3-D printed guns, The Washington Post – Volokh Conspiracy (5/6/15)
  5. FAN 59.1 (First Amendment News) Online Instructions on How to Make 3-D Printable Guns — Protected Speech?, Concurring Opinions (5/7/15)
  6. Cody Wilson & SAF file lawsuit against US State Dept over censorship of 3D printed firearms, 3D Printing News (5/7/15).
  7. SAF lawsuit alleges prior restraint on 3-D printing info, Examiner (5/7/15)
  8. Do Guns Count As Free Speech? Cody Wilson, Who Published Pistol Blueprints For 3D Printer, Thinks So,
    International Business Times (5/7/15)
  9. Creator Of 3-D Printed Guns Sues Federal Government, Houston Public Media (5/7/15)
  10. Inventor of 3D-Printed Gun Refuses to Let US Government Shut Him Down—So He’s Suing Them, IJ Review (5/7/15)
  11. 3D-gun creator’s lawsuit a battle to protect free speech, says legal team, The UK Guardian (5/7/15)
  12. Pistole aus dem 3D-Drucker: Cody Wilson verklagt US-Außenministerium, Spiegel Online (5/7/15)
  13. New Legal Case Supports 3D-Printed Gun Blueprints Under Free Speech, Gizmodo (5/7/15)
  14. Cody Wilson Sues State Department Over Threats About Spreading Digital Gun-Making Files, Reason (5/7/15)
  15. 3D Printed Gun Lawsuit Filed: Cody Wilson Challenges The US State Department, (5/7/15)
  16. Cody Wilson, SAF go after feds over 3-D printed gun instructions, (5/7/15)
  17. Cody Wilson’s War, (5/7/15)
  18. 3-D gun printers sue feds over online instruction rights, Houston Chronicle (5/7/15)
  19. 3-D Printed Gun Designer Sues State Department Over Issue of ‘Free Speech’, HNGN (5/7/15)
  20. Man ordered to remove 3-D printed gun blueprint suing State Department, UPI (5/7/15)
  21. Should blueprints for 3-D printable guns be protected as free speech?, Minnesota Public Radio (5/7/15)
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  25. 3D-printed Firearms Designer Sues Federal Government, Outdoor Hub (5/7/15)
  26. Arms control and free speech go to court over 3D-printed guns, Engadget (5/7/15)
  27. Texas Man Sues State Department Over Right to 3D Print Guns, PC Magazine (5/7/15)
  28. 3D Printed Gun Designer Takes Aim At State Department, Forbes (5/7/15)
  29. The man who invented the world’s first 3D-printed gun is now suing the US government, Business Insider (5/7/15)
  30. 3-D GUNS & THE CONSTITUTION, Instapundit (5/7/15)
  32. Designer Of 3-D Printed Gun Sues Federal Government Over Restrictions, Western Journalism (5/7/15)
  33. Freedom of speech and gun rights are one and the same, Communities Digital News (5/8/15)
  34. Texan Sues State Department over 3D Gun Blueprint, Capitol OTC (5/8/15)
  35. 3-D Printed Gun Makers File Lawsuit In First Amendment Fight, (5/8/15)
  36. Feds Said to Be Stifling Gun Advocate’s Speech, Courthouse News Service (5/8/15)
  37. The First Amendment, The Second Amendment And The 3D-Printed Gun, TechDirt (5/8/15)
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  39. Get Ready for 3D Gun Laws, KTRH Houston, (5/8/15)
  40. 3-D Gun Company Sues State Department For Violating The First Amendment,
    The Daily Caller (5/9/15)
  41. Are Blueprints For 3D-Printed Guns Protected Speech?, Forbes – Law & Regulation (5/12/15)
  42. Free For All! Liberator 3D Printable Gun Files Are Currently Being Downloaded on Thingiverse, (5/13/15).
  43. Control guns, not information on making them, Los Angeles Times (5/22/15).
  44. Even If You Don’t Like 3-D–Printed Guns, This Restriction on Them Should Worry You, Slate (6/11/15).
  45. Feds Tighten Restrictions on 3-D Printed Gun Files Online, Wired (6/11/15).
  46. Lawmakers lay down courtroom cover for 3-D-printed gun inventor, Fox News (12/18/15).
  47. Government Can’t Censor Digital Expression Just Because Someone Somewhere Might Use It for Unlawful Purposes, Cato At Liberty (12/21/15).

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