Oct 28, 2013

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Which undergraduate majors score the highest on LSAT?

These numbers are somewhat dated (from 2007), but show that physics/math and economics majors do the best on the LSAT with an average of 160 and 157.4. Who does the worst? Criminal Justice and Pre-Law, with averages of 148.3 and 146. I never quite got what the point of Pre-Law was anyway, but it seems that their graduates are failing to accomplish what they set out to do–do well on the LSAT, and directly, are  less likely to get into the law school of their choice (tough with a 148). Interesting that political science is much lower with 153, while philosophy is quite high at 157.4


H/T TaxProfBlog

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  • dru

    It’s a function of the academic rigor of the major (students who had a much more rigorous undergrad should do better on a standardized test), and the self-selection effects of those majors (pre-law attracts undergrads who are not very focused as students and are counting on grad school to establish them in a career).

  • Mark

    It’s interesting that finance is low relative to both math and economics.

  • Jerry Goldman

    If you reported standard deviations, we could then determine whether a few points between means would be a meaningful difference. Without that data, how do we tell noise from knowledge?