Jun 4, 2013

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UCLA Student Trolling LawProf Adam Winkler To Grade Faster

It’s no secret that students are always irked at professor who take too long to grade. But usually, students keep these comments to themselves. Not with Twitter. A student in Adam Winkler’s ConLaw class at UCLA is asking him to grade faster if he/she goes out and buys a copy of Adam’s book, Gunfight (my review here). This is hilarious.


Winkler took it in stride.


Now, let me get back to grading 🙂 (120/150 done).

H/T @Greg51

Update: Thanks for the link ATL. I will be done grading all exams tonight.

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  • Irrational Exuberance

    Kind of sad one has to ‘beg’ professors to do, ostensibly, what you have already paid them to do.

    That is assuming UCLA Law School follows the tuition upfront model and one accepts the idea that providing a grade is included in the payment of tuition.
    Although in all fairness, the semester only ended two weeks ago.

  • Last Call for Law School

    Many law professors spend less than 8 hours per week actually on the law school premises. They teach their one or two classes, keep a couple of office hours, then it’s splitsville. Seriously. I’m sure they’d respond that they work real hard from home. Many many hours on their laptops writing their law review articles that nobody reads. “Scholarship” (or, as the law students and practicing attorneys call it, “scholarsh*t).

    Yes, yes. You must not overextend yourselves you hard-working law professors…we are all depending on your hard, hard labor that you perform from home. Or while on sabbatical to exotic locales. I understand that some of you even blog from time to time. Oh my, so much to do and they only pay you $200,000/year to do it. Good thing those kiddies keep paying you with their student loan money. Oh, wait…the kid’s don’t apply to law school anymore. Uh oh….
    You’ve been called out Winkler. Time to get off your lazy ass and finish grading.

  • Tenured Professor

    What kind of student celebrates the end of finals by reading her egomaniac professor’s works?