Feb 23, 2013

Note to Jill Biden: Firing a Shotgun Into The Air With No Threat Is A Crime In Delaware

Joe Biden’s advice to his wife of what to do if she is threatened is not only ridiculous, it is illegal.

However, Delaware law would likely make his suggestion illegal—unless the shots were fired in self-defense in a truly life-threatening situation.

A sergeant with the Wilmington, Del., police department explained to U.S. News that city residents are not allowed to fire guns on their property.

The sergeant, who preferred not to be identified, said that Wilmington residents are also not allowed to shoot trespassers. “On your property you can’t just shoot someone,” he said. “You have to really feel that your life is being threatened.”

Defense attorney John Garey—a former Delaware deputy attorney general—agreed, and added that several criminal charges might result if Jill Biden took her husband’s advice.

“In Delaware you have to be in fear of your life to use deadly force,” Garey said. “There’s nothing based on his scenario alone” indicating a reason to fear imminent death, he noted.

H/T Outside The Beltway

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Feb 23, 2013

Pacific Legal Foundation Requests Public Documents Concerning University of California Law Journals That Request Race and Gender Information

The Pacific Legal Foundation has sent requests under the California Public Records Act (the equivalent of FOIA) to the University of California Berkeley and University of California Davis, seeking information about how they use race and gender in making decisions about what articles to publish. You can download the requests here: [UC Davis PRA requestUC Berkeley PRA request.] The letters were sent to the Dean of the law schools, and carbon copied to the Editor in Chief and the Faculty Adviser.


As I noted in my previous post on this topic, these public institutions in California may have some issues with respect to Prop 209.

My previous posts are here, here, and here.

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