Google sends students to for Law School Exam advice, and a Thank You Note!

December 13th, 2009

I was just going through some Google searches that lead to my blog. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • lazy advice law exams
  • how to tackle constitutional law exam
  • taking law school final after all nighter
  • messed up on my law school exam
  • how to cram for a law school final
  • morning of lawschool exam

I thank the gods of Google for directing wayward students to my site. Hopefully some of the tips I provide are helpful.

And, I received a note from my friend K.J. who thanked me for the tips I gave in this post about take home finals.

I finished my First Amendment take home final and to your credit, I read your tips before the exam. I will say this, I am REALLY glad I was prepared. A lot of people seem to be treating this thing like a paper, like…”oh yah, i’ll pick it up and not worry about studying in advance.” meanwhile i kicked my ass studying. I slept only for like 5 hours. And you were right, sleeping did help things, and i’m usually an all nighter type.”

Good luck on your finals everyone. See all my exam tips here, here, here, and here.