Harlan Institute-ConSource OT 2017 Virtual Supreme Court Semi-Finals

April 16th, 2019

The Harlan Institute and ConSource have completed the semi-final rounds for the OT 2017 Virtual Supreme Court Competition. This year, we received a record-number of submissions on Carpenter v. United States. On Thursday, April 26, 2018, we will hold the championship round at the Georgetown Supreme Court Institute. Zack Lori and Chris McDonnell of Greenwich HS will represent the petitioner (from Match 1). Joanna Boyer and Makaylia Askew of Creekview HS will represent the Respondent (from Match 2). Congratulations to all of the teams that participate.

Here are the briefs and submissions of the twelve teams that advanced.

Match 1

Petitioner: Greenwich HS (Zack Lori and Chris McDonnell)

Respondent: Westover HS (Caroline Broude and Fangyi Wang)


Match 2

Petitioner: Friscoe CTE (Sasha Chuprakova and Nancy Trinh)
Respondent: Creekview HS (Joanna Boyer and Makaylia Askew)


Match 3

Petitioner: Greenwich High School (James Heavey and Nick Liu)
Respondent: Greenwich High School (Alexander Bound and Matthew Weindling)


Match 4

Petitioner: Walter Payton College Prep (Will Foster and Taylor Kass)
Respondent: Greenwich High School (Jovita Li and Catherine Yang)


Match 5

Petitioner: Creekview HS (Aileen Mai and Amena Tep)
Respondent: Lake Oswego HS (Laura Jiang and Alex Li)


Match 6

Petitioner: Creekview HS (Mahak Merchant and Simon Pena)
Respondent: Stuart HS (Matthew H. and Tiana L.)