ConLaw Class 19 – Equal Protection III

October 24th, 2018

The lecture notes are here.

Frontiero v. Richardson

This is Sharron and Joseph Frontiero


Craig v. Boren

Here is a photograph take in 1996 on the 20th anniversary of Craig v. Boren.

The photo shows Fred Gilbert (criminal defense attorney who argued for Oklahoma), Carolyn Whitener (co-plaintiff and owner of Honk n Holler convenience store)
Justice Ginsburg (who argued the case), Curtis Craig (college student and co-plaintiff, now president of Explorer Pipeline Co.).

This is the Honk-N-Holler Grocery store, where the light-beer was sold.

(Courtesy of Clare Cushman)

United States v. Virginia

This is the Virginia Military Institute.



Here are some of the first female cadets that graduated from VMI.


And here is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also known as the Notorious R.B.G. (Yes, there is a tumblr)


And here is a picture of Scalia and Ginsburg riding an elephant in India.


Cleburne v. Cleburne Living Center

This is the location of the former Cleburne Living Center at 201 Featherton Street.