Welcome to Constitutional Law

August 6th, 2018

Welcome to Constitutional Law. You can find the link to the syllabus here.

Please complete the reading for the first day of class:

Class 1 – 8/13/18

The Founding

  • The Origins of the Constitution (3-4)
  • The Declaration of Independence (4-12)
  • The Articles of Confederation (31-32)
  • Read the Articles of Confederation (li-lvi)
  • Drafting and Ratifying the Constitution (32-35)
  • Read the Constitution of the United States (xxxiii – xlii).
  • The Federalist Papers (35-36)
  • Federalist No. 10 (36-41).
  • Federalist No. 78 (41-46)
  • Federalist No. 51 (46-50)
  • The Origins of the Bill of Rights and Anti-Federalist Complaints (50-51)
  • James Madison Delivers on the Promise of a Bill of Rights (56)
  • Read the Amendments to the Constitution (xlii-l)

Note: Read these documents in their entirety. They’re not long. And no one should graduate law school without reading them at least once.