Burwell: Repeal and Delay Leads to the “Unraveling” of ACA

December 14th, 2016

In an interview with Marketplace, outgoing HHS Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell predicted┬áthat the repeal-and-delay tactic would lead to the “unraveling” of the ACA.

What I’m afraid that repeal and delayed implementation and delayed replacement means is actually repeal and collapse. And what that means is, insurance companies make their decisions on rates and whether or not they’re going to be in a state in the first half of the year. And with levels of uncertainty that would come from that type of a legislation, they will pull out. And then what we will see is the unraveling, the increase in rates, and the decrease in competition and therefore, millions will lose their access.

Likewise, this story from the Hill conveys a similar message.