Looking for volunteers to crowdsource edits for Unraveled

July 22nd, 2016

Unraveled will be published on September 27. The final proofs will be going through the editing process between July 25 and August 8. I am looking for volunteers to help crowdsource the proofs. To make this feasible, each volunteer will receive one chapter to review (about 20 pages), with a fairly short window to review it (2 days or so). At this late stage, I am only looking to fix typos, grammatical errors, or factual mistakes. No disagreements about usage and style.

As a reward, in addition to my eternal thanks, you’ll get a PDF of the book–though I hope you can also buy a copy when it’s released. There are 32 chapters, so I only need a limited number of volunteers. If you’re interested, and able to turn a chapter around on a fairly short basis, please drop me a line: josh at josh blackman dot com. Thanks!