Prop2 Class 20 – Zoning III

October 26th, 2015

Today we will continue our coverage of zoning, with a focus on aesthetics (a word I am incapable of spelling without spell check).

The lecture notes are here.

For the first case, State ex rel Stoyanoff v. Berkely, Ladue, MO is the wealthiest suburb of Missouri (anyone know what ex rel means?). The media income was $141,000. Check out the property values on Zillow–most houses are over $1 million. Ladue, also the site of the third case, City of Ladue v. Gileo, has particularly high property values in the Willow Hill subdivision.

This is a rendering of the Stoyanoff house:


For you Rand fans, the Stoyanoff case may remind you a bit of The Fountainhead.









Roark, the architect in the Fountainhead was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright who designed Falling Water.

[Fallingwater: fall photo]

For the second case, Anderson v. Issaquah, you can learn more about Issaquah, Washington here. Here is a map of 145 N.W. Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA. It seems to be an Auto Tech store now.

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