Sen. Ron Johnson Offers Preview of How POTUS Will React to King v. Burwell

April 14th, 2015

In the WSJ, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson offers a prediction of how the President will react if the Court invalidates the IRS Rule in King v. Burwell.

If the court rules against him, President Obama’s response will be diabolically simple and highly effective. He will ask Congress to pass a one-sentence bill allowing the subsidies to flow through federal exchanges. At the same time he will offer governors a contract to convert their federal exchanges into state exchanges with a simple stroke of a pen.

He will also mobilize his massive national political operation. It is easy to imagine the advertising campaign that will promote his simple solutions and viciously attack any opposition. Heart-wrenching examples of Americans who have benefited from ObamaCare—and there are millions who have, through taxpayer subsidies—will flood every TV channel.

The mainstream news media will ignore or contest the stories of those millions who lost their coverage because of ObamaCare and who now find health insurance very unaffordable. Without an effective response from Republicans, there is little doubt that the crisis would allow President Obama to permanently cement ObamaCare in place.

I think this is exactly what will happen. And the President will veto anything that is not a one-sentence bill. As I’ve noted before, the Republicans will lose this game of chicken (see here, here, and here).