Two of my recent posts featured on the ABA Journal

March 28th, 2014

First, the ABA Journal picked up my post about Judge Posner’s “Article III fashion show.”

Wisconsin Appellate Law and Josh Blackman’s Blog have coverage of the videotaped experiment, dubbed an “Article III fashion show” in the critical blog post by Blackman, an assistant law professor at South Texas College of Law. The Appellate Daily had an early report of the opinion on Twitter.

Second, the ABA Journal dug up a post I wrote a month ago about my difficulty of teaching Kelo.

Last month, Josh Blackman, who teaches constitutional law and property at South Texas College of Law, wrote at his eponymous bloglast month how he has trouble teaching Kelo v. City of New London.

Blackman wrote that he tries to stay neutral in his lectures, but can’t with Kelo. “Every time I read it, I become impassioned at the breadth of what the court did, and did not do, to property rights,” he wrote, adding that he warns students about his feelings. “I suspect some students and professors may be offended by my admission that I have difficult time explaining a few cases without injecting my opinion, and hold it against me. …I would counter that many, if not most (probably all) professors are subject to the same implicit biases (in one direction or the other), though they may be less cognizant, or willing to admit it. I try to acknowledge my flaws, and address the problem. I find this to be a superior approach to simply pretending they aren’t there.”

As luck would have it, one of my students commented on the post:

I am a 49 year old 2L law student at South Texas College at Law. Josh Blackman was my property I professor. I have no problem with a proffessor who expresses their own opinion, as long as I am allowed to disagree . Josh Blackman has open discussions in his class room and although he is 20 years younger than myself I respect him and his opinions.

That’s reassuring!