I was interviewed by Houston Public Radio about Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme Case at SCOTUS

February 27th, 2014

Apparently, being a constitutional law professor qualifies me to talk about a “covered security.” From my interview on KUHF Houston Public Radio:

Stanford’s victims have long argued that R. Allen Stanford could not have carried out his fraud without the help of a network of outside companies. But they ran up against a wall when trying to obtain relief in federal court. Josh Blackman teaches constitutional law at South Texas College of Law.

“The main problem was the securities which Stanford was selling them were not actually real securities. They were fake. They were fictional. The federal law would not permit the recovery for these fictional securities. They only permit recovery for actual covered securities.”

I also pre-taped a session on Houston Matters for Houston Public Radio about the Texas Same-Sex Marriage case. It should run today at noon.