Ilya Confusion Watch: Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention Edition

November 21st, 2013

Like two Ilyas passing in the night.

I must confess error. I am adding to the chaos that is the Battle of the Ilyas. At the Federalist Society Black-Tie dinner, Ilya Shapiro (the one at Cato) was seated at a table with several ¬†federal judges. Shortly after they were seated I walked up to Shapiro, and said in earshot of the judge who was sitting next to him, “Oh Ilya, how is your new book on Kelo coming along?” For the remainder of the dinner, the judge thought Ilya was Somin. But, like a professional, Shapiro continued to talk about Kelo. (The Judge ribbed me after dinner when the judge realized what was up. It was all in good fun).

My calls for another round of the Battle of the Ilyas have been picking up steam. None other than Justice Don Willett, the top twitterer on the Texas Supreme Court has called for one.

Let’s make it happen!