Paul Ryan on the Constitutional Way to Repealing Obamacare

November 5th, 2013

In the Washington Examiner:

Far from being over, the fight over Obamacare has just begun. The Left wants us to think the debate is finished — it’s the law of the land! — but the battle has now shifted to the public square, where the fate of Obamacare is anything but settled.

A law without popular support lacks public legitimacy, and, in our constitutional system, it will fail. But to win, we’ve got to up our game. And we can’t confuse tactics with principles.

The way to repeal and replace Obamacare is to elect a legislative majority in 2014, and then a president in 2016, committed to that objective. And the way to do that isn’t to sit back and wait. It’s to be strategic.

At a recent event, I noted that the law’s party-line origin undermine its current legitimacy, and someone remarked that my commented “bordered on irresponsible.” I don’t think this is a fair response. If 49% of Congress opposed a law, it is not sacrosanct. It is not untouchable. It is not permanent. It is still in play. And 2014, and perhaps even 2016, will decide the fate of this law.