Brothel BFOQs

April 26th, 2013

I was struck by this description of the process of obtaining a job as a prostitute at a legal brothel in Nevada:

I filled out an application. It was a lot like any other job application, with the exception of some questions, like hair color or height and weight, which would probably be considered discrimination elsewhere.

Would such physical characteristics–and perhaps others–be legitimate BFOQs for working in a brothel?

But, there are certain occupational hazards.

The only times I ever flat out said no was to anal sex, or not wearing a condom — because it’s the county law. When I first signed a contact, I actually had to sign a form saying I wouldn’t engage in anal sex. I asked the shift manager if this was a joke, and she gave me the most serious look I’d ever seen. One guy tried to start having sex without a condom, but I raised my voice and said I refused to break the law, and he agreed to use a condom. Of course, you never know exactly what happens behind closed doors, but my experience was always with a condom, and never anal.

You can’t spell OH SHIT without OSHA. Well, you can, but the pun works here from multiple angles.