Judge Posner is not a fan of drealocks

January 13th, 2012

From an opinion in Grayson v. Schuler today discussing whether a prison can ban dreadlocks for non-Rastafarians.

One can see why prison officials might fear that a shank or other contraband could be concealed in an inmate’s dreadlocks, or why they might want inmates to wear their hair short because inmates with long hair can more easily change their appearance, should they escape, by cutting their hair. Short hair is also more hygienic than very long, braided hair. The case law indicates that a ban on long hair, including dreadlocks, even when motivated by sincere religious belief, would pass constitutional muster.

There’s even a pic of Bob Marley!

Posner finds the policy, which only allowed Rastafarians to keep dreadlocks was flawed.