Google Eliminates Caps Lock Key From Chrome Netbooks, Annoying Comment Trolls Mourn

December 7th, 2010

If Google ran the world, comment trolls would not be able to enter long annoying comments IN ALL CAPS. Gizmodo reports that on Google’s new Chrome Netbooks, the Caps Lock key will be eliminated. Why?

According to Google, this will improve the quality of the comments, because people will not be able to write all in capital letters.

Maybe people will learn to write powerfully without resorting to ALL CAPS and UNNECESSARY PUNCTUATION?!?!?!?

Google should probably replace the Caps Lock key with a WIN/FAIL button. When you hit, it outputs “WIN.” When you hit shift+WIN, it spits out “FAIL.” That would save a lot of time, for me at least.

Fear not. Just trust Google.

Update: This may be a false alarm. Google is still retaining a way to use all caps by toggling a search key.