I will host a live video chat on a timely issue. The topic and format will vary. Sometimes I will lead a discussion on a current legal issue, talk about a recently decided case, interview a legal luminary, or talk about something totally unrelated to the law.

These meetups are free to join, and anyone can participate. I will cap attendance at the first ten people to join (more than ten, the discussion gets harder to control). If you would rather watch, or arrive too late to join, the chats will be streamed live on YouTube, and available to watch on demand afterwards.

You can view all the archived sessions here. Here are the most recent sessions:

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JoshLive: Interview with Steve Schultze about PACER, RECAP, Aaron Swartz, and Access to Justice

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Artificial Intelligence, Assisted Decision Making, Harlan/Siri, JoshLive | 1 comment

Today I spoke with Steve Schultze, who works with the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton. CITP developed RECAP, and has spent the past several years trying to open access to the federal judiciary by making court documents readily available. Steven talks about how the federal courts began charging for PACER access in the first place, how much money they are making (roughly $100 million annually), how many pages PACER sells a year (roughly 1 billion), how CITP is working to make more documents available for free, and how to honor the legacy of Aaron Swartz. Enjoy.

JoshLive 10/9/12: Interview with David Bernstein, Author of Rehabilitating Lochner

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Tonight at 9 EDT, I will be talking with David Bernstein, author of Rehabilitating Lochner. We talk about the history of Lochner, how Progressives and Conservatives came to loathe Lochner, and why modern critiques of Lochner by Sunstein and Amar are historically flawed. We also talk about the origin of the title, “Rehabilitating Lochner.”

JoshLive 10/2/12 – Interview with David Gans about Originalism, the 14th Amendment, & Fisher v. Texas

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Tonight at 7:00 EDT/6:00 CDT, I will be talking with David Gans of the Constitutional Accountability Center.

We will be talking about the CAC’s brief in Fisher v. Texas, which argues that the original understanding of the 14th Amendment suppors race-conscious measures, such as affirmative action.

Roger Clegg responded to the CAC brief here. Ilya Somin’s response is here. And David and Adam Winkler responded here. I commented on their brief here.

JoshLive 7/30/12: Did the Affordable Care Act litigation strategy backfire?

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You can join the conversation now here via Google Hangout or watch it via YouTube.